Why Should I Speak to a Disability Lawyer if I Haven’t Applied?

The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be confusing if you’re not sure how to properly fill out the paperwork. You need the right medical documentation as well, and because of this, more than 65% of claims filed are rejected initially.

You can, of course, fill out the paperwork and submit the documentation yourself, but speaking with a lawyer beforehand could be the difference between your application being approved and denied. Statistically speaking, your claim is more likely to be approved if you have an attorney to represent you.

Why Having a Lawyer Can Help Your Case

It’s no secret that your disability application being approved is much more likely if you have an attorney on your side. There are certainly some individuals that take care of the application process on their own and are successful, but that is not the case for most people. Your best bet is to hire an attorney early on, as they can argue your case from the beginning, starting with providing advice on your “alleged onset date”. They’ll be able to gather evidence to build a strong case. If you choose to wait to hire a lawyer, they can still help you be successful.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Really, you can bring a lawyer in at multiple points during the process, but the sooner you make that initial phone call, the better. Many attorneys will even offer you a free consultation so they can go over the facts and give you legal advice without needing to spend an arm and a leg.

If you can line up a lawyer to help with your initial application, you can avoid a lot of hassle and mistakes during the process. After a denial, they can help you with the appeal process so you can hopefully still get your benefits.

Should I Wait to Contact a Lawyer?

If you have already submitted your SSA application, then you should wait to hire an attorney. Once you have turned in your paperwork, there isn’t anything an attorney can do to help at this time. Just wait things out and see if you get approved or denied.

Once you receive your response from SSA on your first application, then you may want to proceed with contacting an attorney. If you are denied, they can help you appeal the decision.

Consult With a Disability Lawyer

If you have a medical condition that has begun to interfere with your life, making it impossible for you to work and support yourself financially, contacting a disability lawyer before filling out your application is a smart move. You’ll be able to get advice on your case and have an expert walk you through the application process.

With the guidance of an attorney, you’ll be able to gather all of the medical documentation and other paperwork needed to file a successful claim. You can file online or you can mail in an application.

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